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       Becky is an amazing coach, trainer and rider! We first met her when my daughter Maeve was introduced to a 4 year old Large Pony "Ally" that Becky had started breaking from day one. Becky continued to work with Maeve and Ally coaching them at some early shows. We strongly believe that the amazing approach to breaking horses that Becky and [her] team used has lead to our success in the show ring!


       I took lessons with Becky after a pretty serious fall at a previous farm. She not only helped me overcome my nerves, but got me back to jumping a height that I was excited about. Would 10/10 recommend. She's great to her horses, and her riders!


       Becky is a natural. So good with both horses and people. Ask my horse Flash; healthy, happy, 32. Orange rules.


       A few years ago I trimmed a horse that was so unruly and ill mannered I hoped I would never see this horse again. The horse was sold and I was relieved. Then this horse came back into my life when Becky became a client of mine. I was cautious approaching this horse again but Becky was working with her and assured me that her manners and respect had improved. I was very impressed and trimmed her feet and she stood quietly and has become one of my favourite horses. Becky has a calm and firm nature that horses respect and are comfortable with her. The horses that Becky works with are respectful and content, not fearful and intimidated. I would not hesitate to recommend Becky to anyone who needs help with their horse.


       I've been training with Becky for a few years and I believe she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers out there. Becky has worked with my horses from start to finish, from breaking them out to putting in a training ride for a pre-show tune up. Becky is very focused on ensuring both rider and horse technique is correct and safe, and she makes an effort to keep her lessons varied and challenging. Becky is very committed to helping me achieve my goals and is extremely reliable, punctual and professional. In my time spend with Becky I have seen great improvement in ability and confidence in both myself and my horse. I thoroughly enjoy my training with Becky and I would recommend her to riders of any skill level.


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