Essential Training offers both on and off-site training services. Our training programs are custom designed for each horse; together we will to create a schedule and routine that meets you and your horse's unique needs and goals. We offer both indoor and outdoor full training board at our beautiful facility, with rates depending on your desired training routine. 


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Essential training offers a unique foundational training program for young horses. In this program, horses begin their training with us as a yearling, learning the basic training points, and then return as a two-year-old and again as a three-year-old for further age-specific training. This structure allows for consistency and patience as your horses' skills build on one another and they progresses through their training milestones. This program is completely customized around your discipline, training goals and your horse's personality and needs.


  • Leading and handling 

  • Standing

  • Tying

  • Grooming

  • Mane pulling

  • Bathing 

  • Desensitization 

  • Round pen work

  • Trotting in hand 

  • Trailer loading and unloading 

Full training board with three training sessions per week starting at $1,295.00 (HST included)


  • Clipping

  • Lunging

  • Tacking 

  • Lunging with tack

  • Ponying on hacks

  • Free jumping

  • Backing if physically ready (bending, moving, stopping)

Full training board with three training sessions per week starting at $1,295.00 (HST included)


Review and improve previously learned sills with a focus on further developing training under saddle, including:

  • Correct response to aids

  • Consistent pace in each gate

  • Body movement (round, forward and soft)

  • Hacking

  • Starting over fences

Full training board with three training rides per week starting at $2,195.00 (HST included)